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Platinum Power Group is the leading global manufacturer of plug-in horsepower parts for Caterpillar Diesel Engines. We proudly serve the On-Highway, Industrial and Marine engine markets -- equipping Caterpillar Diesel Engines worldwide with more horsepower.

Our customers depend on Platinum Power Group performance diesel parts to get on the road faster, increase horsepower and performance and maximize fuel economy. Platinum Power Group Power Harnesses


Platinum Power Group parts are designed to increase engine horsepower and CAT diesel performance. Our patent-pending technology is custom designed for your engine. Diesel engines tend to have their torque peak quite low in their speed range - providing smoother control.

Diesel engines also have more torque at lower engine speeds yet a narrow power band. After time, many of our clients notice lack in power and torque at the top of their speed range. Platinum Power Group parts improve power at high and low engine speeds -- maximizing the engine's performance and flattening the torque curve.
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Our diesel performance parts are compatible with the following CAT applications and corresponding industries serving the Caterpillar Diesel market. Not sure if your engine is compatible? Contact Us

  • On-Highway - Trucks
  • On-Highway - School Buses
  • On-Highway - First Responders
  • On-Highway - Transmissions
  • On-Highway - RVs & Motor Coaches
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Waste

CAT Performance Parts

Diesel Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

Maximizing operational efficiency is a top priority. Fuel price spikes & price variability create indirect financial challenges. This, among many reasons, is why CAT Diesel engine owners across the globe equip their engines with Platinum Power Group parts.

Caterpillar Performance Parts
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