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We understand our customers main need to solve the Low Power issue and jumpstart a tired engine that doesn’t perform like it used to. Our goal is to help you protect your investment with economical and high quality CAT diesel performance parts. Gain optimal results without spending thousands of dollars on rerates and out-dated performance modules. We support our unconditional guarantee -- if you aren't completely satisfied with our diesel parts, ship it back and receive a full refund.* See Store Policies for details.

Platinum Power Group parts are designed to increase engine horsepower and overall performance. Our patent-pending technology is custom designed for your specific engine. Diesel engines tend to have their torque peak quite low in their speed range - providing smoother control.

Diesel engines also have more torque at lower engine speeds yet a narrow power band. After time, many of our clients notice lack in power and torque at the top of their speed range. Our performance parts improve power at high and low engine speeds -- maximizing the engine's performance and flattening the torque curve. View our On-Highway Engine List. Want to learn more? To browse our FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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